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How To Use Facebook Promoted Posts Like a Pro

Facebook promoted posts

The new Facebook promoted posts are gaining in popularity, so today I thought we’d dive in head first to uncover and define what really makes this new feature a winner. If your Facebook page has more than 400 fans, then you have access to this feature – that’s great news! Let’s discover how to make [...]

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7 Intriguing Facebook Statistics You Need To See

Facebook Statistics

Facebook continues to grow every month. It’s the most formidable and widely used social media site ever created. But you know that! What surprising statistics don’t you know about the king of all social sites? That’s what today’s post is all about! #1: Facebook Accounts For 1 of Every 5 Page Views Online Imagine how [...]

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How To Use Facebook Offers To Promote Your Business

Facebook offer

Facebook recently launched ‘Facebook offers’ a new and exciting way for businesses to promote their products and services online. This kind of social interaction is exactly what a business needs to form closer relationships with Facebook fans, to improve connectivity and exposure online. But how should your business be using Facebook offers? What is Facebook [...]

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Facebook Goes Public: What it Means For Your Business

Facebook Goes Public

Facebook recently went public – but what does this mean for your business? Find out in today’s post on the long term ramifications of the Facebook IPO.

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5 Mind Blowing Tips For Facebook Ad Success

Are you struggling to get a high CTR on your Facebook ad campaign? Use these 5 tips to recover, and get high conversion ratios from your Facebook ad campaign now!

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Facebook Timeline: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Revealed!

Have you been wondering about the new Facebook timeline? Why is it so great for brands? What’s bad about it? Are there some ugly features? Read about them all in today’s post!

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Dominate Facebook: How To Capitalize on The New Changes

Do you need a ‘how to’ cheat sheet for streamlining your new Facebook timeline? Check out this list of strategies and transform your Facebook timeline into a powerhouse social sales page!

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10 Fiery Do’s and Don’ts For Launching Your Facebook Promotion

Have you been planning a Facebook promotion? If you have, then check out these excellent do’s and dont’s – to guarantee that your promo is a huge success! Read more here!

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Facebook Fan Page Changes That Will ROCK YOUR WORLD

Facebook introduces timeline, for business fan pages. These changes mark the end of an era. Find out what you need to know about them here, before making the switch!

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How To Leverage Advertising on Facebook

How do you get the most exposure from Facebook advertising? Find out the many other ways you can attract fans, outside of sponsored stories!

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