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How To Deal With Horrible Trolls on Social Media

In our daily planning and publishing online, we’re bound to come across a creature so common and so horrible, it has a name – the troll. Trolling around on your social media pages leaving filthy, nasty, horrendous comments is just one of its favorite things to do. Today, I’m going to show you how to [...]

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SMMU’s Top 10 Social Media Platforms For Small Businesses

Facebook Success

Today I thought I’d do something a little different. I have some firm opinions on certain social media sites, and why they’re either good, or terrible for small businesses, so I’m going to share them with you here. You can use this as an expert barometer, on which sites would be best for your business [...]

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NOT COOL, COOKIE: The Brand on Brand War Ft Oreo and AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres Watching Oreo

The internet is alive with brand-on-brand controversy, as popular theatre chain AMC Theatres speaks out on Twitter, against a poorly contrived tweet from the Zeus of cookie companies – Oreo. Let’s examine what went wrong, and why so many tweeters had a little something of their own to add to the conversation. The Tweet That [...]

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10 High Impact Words That Prompt Response in Social Media

Social Words

In social media, there are words that you can use to improve your conversion ratios across the board. These words have been found to attract certain responses from people, so they’re great to use in your updates and posts. Use these high impact words for a better, more engaging profile or page. #1: The Word [...]

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5 Crucial Things That Execs Should Know About Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Executives have to make important decisions within the infrastructure of a company. In a small business context, the executive team is expected to be the most clued up about current events – including the rise of social media. Today we’re going to give you 5 crucial points that you need to realize about social media, [...]

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SMMU Wins International Business Award For Best Training Site

Business Awards

Panel of the World’s Leading Executives Affirm Comprehensive Social Media Training Plays a Critical Role in the Global Marketplace ATLANTA, Ga. – Social Media Marketing University (SMMU), a leader in social media training, was named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the Best Training Site category in the 9th Annual International Business Awards [...]

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5 Tested Strategies For Amping Up Your Social Media Campaign

Social media day 2012

On June 30 it was social media day – organized and promoted by Mashable. Social media day means something different to everyone. Some attend the meetups, others simply listen in to the discussions. Today I’m going to share with you what I learned about amping up your social media campaigns this week. #1: Real Life [...]

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5 Social Metrics Worth Factoring into Your Campaign

Which social metrics can improve your Facebook comment rate, or your blog readership? Find out in today’s post, on the 5 social metrics that you need to be using, each month!

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Social Inspiration: The Top 10 Social Media Influencers and Strategies

Do you need some social media campaign inspiration? Today we showcase the top ten brands and businesses that used social media in creative and amazing ways! Read about them here!

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How To Leverage Forums and Message Boards For Brand Power

Forums are not obsolete, they’re still a huge asset to social marketers that know how to use them. See how you can make more business connections, find more clients and expand your brand power here!

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