How To Use Blog Commenting in Your Social Strategy

If you own and run a blog, then it’s time to get serious about driving traffic there. Blog commenting is an easy way to attract new readers to your blog, you just have to know what to do! So today, we’re talking about how to use comments on blogs as part of your social and SEO strategy.

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Your 10 Core Blog Networks

Now that your blog is up and running, you need to gather a solid readership. One of the most effective ways to do this, is by creating a ‘blog network.’ Your network should consist of the 10 absolute best blogs in your niche. Once you’ve found them all, you’re going to concentrate on becoming one their best readers.

Dismiss what you’ve heard about blog commenting. It’s perfectly acceptable to sign off with your name, company and blog URL. But don’t think for a second that you can do this for nothing. You’ll need to really read the posts, and think of an insightful, positive comment to leave behind.

There are a number of benefits to doing this. First of all, you’re backlinking to your blog. But at the same time, you’re promoting your blog and your expertise on the ten best blogs in your niche. You’re also forming personal relationships with these blog owners, which opens up possibilities down the line. Eventually, once they know who you are, you can request guest posts from them, or contribute posts to their blog.

Subscribe to all ten of these blogs, and watch out for specific posts that will enhance your authority when you comment.

Focus on 10 blogs – you don’t need any more than that to grow.

Random Comments For Added Exposure

Assuming you are using a useful site like StumbleUpon to find fresh blogs in your niche, you can hop around the net leaving comments. These random blog comments are strictly for backlinking purposes, but that doesn’t mean you can skimp on effort! Every comment you leave is an advert for your blog or business. When people see engaging comments, they will click through to your blog.

A lot of commenting programs embed your blog URL in your name, which is then published above your comment. There are also programs that allow html embedding in the comment, or they link to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. It’s a good practice to set up a separate email address that you can use to track your comments. If people respond or reply – you must continue the conversation.

This can become difficult if you use your normal business email. The more comments you post, the more likely it is that you’ll have a ton of comment spam coming your way. Keep it separate, to keep it simple.

Whatever you do, don’t use blog commenting programs. Never spam people, ever. If the blog owner is good at what they do, they’ll never publish these comments. It’s a huge waste of time. Sacrificing your reputation to get a few backlinks is black hat marketing. It won’t help you build your readership. Time and effort will!

Do you think blog commenting is a great way to connect with page owners? Speak your mind, and be heard!

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8 Responses to “How To Use Blog Commenting in Your Social Strategy”

  1. Lisa Says:

    It is amazing to see how some people think they can easily spam blog comments. We have a few retail websites and it never amazes me when the competition tries to spam our blogs with literally junk.
    Great blog comments work wonders for your website or blog as I have seen it build additional web traffic. It is a great way to connect with others online in your niche.
    Nice tips here!

  2. Social Media Magic Team Says:

    @Lisa, it’s the ugly side of competitive online marketing you’re seeing – outrageous that companies are still trying to sabotage their competitors with blog comment spam. It won’t get them anywhere! Keep up the good work and thanks for reading Lisa! :)

  3. Absolutemortgageco Says:

    The most popular blogs have a very interactive community. Blog comments are a critical part of a successful blog, and an area bloggers must understand and focus on to create a great blog. Keep up all the positive work :)

    Delaware FHA Mortgage

  4. Social Media Magic Team Says:

    @Absolute – thanks for the compliment, and for checking in :)

  5. Maureen F. Says:

    Other than sending out an email to friends and family, besides commenting on 10 great blogs in my Niche, I feel like I am spinning my wheels. I want comments, and interact with readers. Do you think that the more you post, the more comments you stand to receive??? Thanks!

  6. Social Media Magic Team Says:

    @Maureen – it takes time, and yes the more you share, the more people will share with you. But go out right now and read some popular blogs. Take note of how they bait people into commenting and try new things! Don’t be afraid to test different strategies.

  7. Lisa Says:

    I think it’s because it’s a business blog and a smaller niche. ( I just glanced at it) I find that too with our retail website – hard to get folks to comment. They may give us tweets but not many comments. It does take time too. Maybe a contest too.

  8. Social Media Magic Team Says:

    @Lisa – thanks for you input Lisa, its always interesting how much easier it is to get a conversation going on a platform like Twitter, yet the uphill battle bloggers face when trying to get comments on their own blog. Maybe a touch more research is what is needed as well?

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