9 Truth-Be-Told Reasons Why Google+ Just Doesn’t ‘Have it’

As the days roll on, and Google+ continues to exist – some of us marketers are beginning to ask – why? Google+ is not as addictive as other social media sites, and it certainly hasn’t grown to be as big as previously predicted. What is it about Google+ that makes it such an ailing social network? I’m going to reveal all, in today’s post.

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#1: The Google Revolt

Like it or not, Google+ is a Google product. To use it, means that you have to be logged into the Google network. And Google sees all. This freaks a lot of people out, contributing to the mass absence of normal users on the platform.

#2: Blinding Whiteness

It might sound petty, but Google+ is not well designed. There’s white everywhere. It gives the site a very stark and clinical look. It doesn’t have the same structure as sites like Facebook or the old Youtube that made white work. A re-design perhaps?

#3: Forced Use For SEO

I advocate that Google+ is a great network to use if you’re a business, and it is – for SEO benefits. I just don’t know about the B2C benefits. It’s a great place to connect with B2B clients and other authorities, but there is a noticeable lack of normal users there.

#4: Fruit Vs MSG

Google+ has all the addictive qualities of fruit. You know it’s good for you to use, but you’re not that interested in using it. This is in stark opposition to other social sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter that are coated in MSG – you just can’t get enough of them!

#5: Scrolling Never Ends

Unlike sites like Facebook, on Google+ you really have to scroll – and I mean scroll – to find stories or people you want to communicate with. Perhaps Google’s social algorithm just isn’t as efficient as Facebook’s, but whatever it is, its labour intensive and NOT FUN.

#6: Limited Business Page Use

You still can’t leave messages on your communities ‘walls’ which was the big appeal when Facebook launched. This limited business page functionality is backfiring. I think Google should stop trying to ‘not copy Facebook’ and instead use what is known to work.

#7: Comparisons are Futile

Google+ does not match up to the popular social media networks, especially up and comers like Pinterest. When you compare Google+ with your other profiles, it always comes in last. This is a big reason why Google+ is becoming a business network.

#8: Facebook is Better

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the ‘Google+ is going to destroy Facebook’ hype was short lived and ridiculous. Facebook is just better. It has been forever. Why bother chatting to your friends on Google+, when you can do it on Facebook?

#9: Privacy Flaws Don’t Make a Site

When Google+ first launched, they were hoping to capitalize on the privacy flaws that Facebook had. It was a great concept, but silly in reality. No one really cares about privacy, unless you’re a criminal, a pirate or a troll. Epic fail.

Do you have a theory on why Google+ is failing? I’d like to hear it!

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  1. Maxim Lvov Says:

    Here is an interesting theory:
    “Why Google+ Doesn’t Care If You Never Come Back”

  2. Social Media Magic Team Says:

    @Maxim – thanks for the link, great info. it seems like Google is never out of excuses, when it comes to explaining their failures! – John

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