5 Candid Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be on Pinterest

Everyone is raving about Pinterest – including businesses. In fact, it’s been years since we’ve seen a social site with so much ingrained business potential. That’s why today, I’m going to give you 5 candid, tell-it-like-it-is reasons for you and your business to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.

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#1: The Viral Outbreak

There’s a reason why Pinterest rose to fame so fast, and why people can’t stop visiting the social network. Pinterest is the most viral network ever launched, second only to Youtube. Think about it – people online want three things these days: speed, entertainment and interaction. Pinterest combines all of these to make a highly viral social platform.

Images are quick to create, view, upload and share. They’re even quick to comment on. It makes perfect sense that Pinterest would drive more traffic, attract more traffic, and generate more business than other social sites. Reason #1 why you should be there!

#2: Collection is Identity

People love Pinterest because it appeals to their sense of identity. They are able to collect images that say something about them to the world. You can do the same for your business. Use Pinterest to build a creative identity for yourself, and get your Pinterest fans to share it far and wide. Others that love your images, will add it to their identity collections.

#3: That Emotional Tug

Images evoke a lot of emotion in people, which is what makes them such an excellent marketing tool. Use your Pinterest images to emotionally involve your fans in your business. Soon, they’ll really care about your successes or failures. Pinterest is the IDEAL community building and sharing platform.

#4: The Magic Numbers

Pinterest drives a heap of traffic to your website, far more than a few of the leading social networks do. This alone makes a presence on Pinterest justifiable. Any business person with a good head on their shoulders, would never say no to a guaranteed boost in traffic. Pinterest has already proven that they do this for businesses!

#5: Getting Engaged

If you’ve been struggling to get responses from your social community, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s 3X more likely to happen if you’re doing it on Pinterest. Engagement is the key to successful social business, and converting your fans into clients. Use Pinterest daily to funnel engaged fans that love your images to your website, blog or sales pages.

There are some rumors flying around that Pinterest is the final nail in the Google+ coffin. We’ve yet to verify if Pinterest really has stolen the last few ‘real’ non-business users away from Google+, but it’s likely. Let’s be honest – Pinterest is a LOT more fun. And now it seems that it also has SEO advantages.

If you’re not on Pinterest yet, my advice is – get a profile. This isn’t another craze site, it has real business benefits. Plus, people really love to hang out on the site, pure proof that Pinterest is here to stay.

What do you like most about Pinterest? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts!

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6 Responses to “5 Candid Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be on Pinterest”

  1. claire axelrad Says:

    I’m actually starting to get some traffic from Pinterest to my blog, though not nearly as much as from LinkedIn. I’m giving it a try however because, frankly, it’s fun! It’s also extremely addictive, so caveat emptor. If a business is using it, they need to allocate someone’s time to the project.

  2. Social Media Magic Team Says:

    @Claire – glad to hear its working for you already! Keep feeding it with great images, and you’re bound to get several thousand additional visits each day :) – John

  3. Stephanie/AKA Photography Says:

    You do realize that Pinterest violates copyright laws? Pinterest strips all the metadata from any image posted on their site and does not provide a link back to the originator. Furthermore, Pinterest holds accountable the “unsuspecting” person who pinned an image (without permission) for any lawsuits. There have been many interesting articles/blogs on this issue and you can find many more just by googling “copyright on pinterest”. Here are a couple of blogs I found particularly good: http://ddkportraits.com/2012/02/why-i-tearfully-deleted-my-pinterest-inspiration-boards/.

  4. Social Media Magic Team Says:

    @Stephanie – I’ve heard about the copyright problems, but all social sites struggle with this at some point. We can only hope that Pinterest remedies the issues soon, they’re still brand new after all! Thanks for the resources, I’ll check them out! – John

  5. Anthony Diaz Says:

    I cannot attend your Marketing for Results on Pinterest Webinar due to being on vacation. Will there be other dates soon or will the webinar be archived for viewing at a later time. Thanks for all your help!

  6. Social Media Magic Team Says:

    @Anthony, I’ll put up the particulars of seeing the webinar later, on soon!

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