10 Actions You Can Take To Get More Blog Comments

Getting blog comments can be a challenging process – which often leads to frustration, exhaustion or throwing in the towel. There are lots of ways to get blog comments, but they only really work if you’re doing almost all of them at any given time. For a new blog, you have to push for growth in order to succeed. Here are our top ten tips on how to get more blog comments now.

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#1: Adjusting Your Strategy

If your blog readers aren’t commenting, then you’re not speaking about the stuff they’re really interested in. Always spend time putting together your topic list, based on research and past success.

#2: Ask a Question

At the end of each blog post, ask your readers a question. Make it something relevant to the post you‘ve just written. Start a conversation by being interested in the opinions of your community.

#3: Offer an Incentive

The easiest way to get comments is to promise a prize, an award or an incentive to the reader with the best comment. The second easiest way is to offer free advice to the winner in the form of a consultation.

#4: Write About a Blog

Bloggers love to see that their posts have been read and written about on other people’s blogs. If you want an instant community of comments, do posts based on other bloggers thoughtful publications.

#5: Products and Services

Reviews are an excellent way to get your readers to offer an opinion. Grab some niche relevant products or review a company’s services on your blog. Spread it around your social sites and wait for the comments to roll in.

#6: Be Controversial

Opinions are nice, but the most entertaining opinions come from controversy. If you don’t agree with something, blog about it – and ask your readers if they agree. Nothing like a heated debate to illicit intriguing comments.

#7: Comment Control

People comment based on your post, and on what others have said about your post. If you have a lot of spam comments, that could be scaring away your readers. These are the “I love your blog, it’s so interesting” posts that don’t add to the conversation.

#8: Buy Comments

Sometimes all your readers need is a little prompt. Employ a writer to create some juicy comments for your posts – and you’ll immediately see an increase in comments from your actual community.

#9: Publish Comments Quickly

When a new reader sees that their comment has still not been moderated, it discourages them from ever commenting again. Publish them quickly and often to reward your readers.

#10: The News

There is a reason why news sites have enormous comment streams. People love to give their opinion on something current that matters in the world. Use this to your advantage by incorporating news posts into your blog strategy.

These ten tips will help your posts get more comments in the long run – use them as often as you can for the best results possible!

Do you comment on blogs? What makes you want to comment? Please leave your opinion below!

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  1. Wendell Mcbrown Says:

    Finding your niche helps you to truly be an “expert” and leads to higher confidence, higher inspiration

  2. Social Media Magic Team Says:

    @Wendell – that’s true. And knowing which sub-niches to focus on is also a positive step in attracting more comments. The more specific you can be, the better :) – John.

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